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Broken, Wounded, Weak, and Bound? Read this

This morning I attended a Christian women's group, and the topic of discussion was the name of God. It's become so common place to say God's name in modern culture - things like "Oh my God!" and "I swear to God" and saying "Jesus Christ" whenever you're startled or exasperated. (All of which I am… Continue reading Broken, Wounded, Weak, and Bound? Read this

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Crisis of Faith? Read This

I have a confession to make. For a couple of months now, I've been really angry at God. So angry that I often can't even bring myself to pray. Sometimes I struggle to believe He's there, He's listening, He cares. Why am I so angry, you might ask? Well, let's just say that something I… Continue reading Crisis of Faith? Read This

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Waiting on God? Read This

As I was talking with a dear friend recently, I noticed a pattern in our lives: we're both in a time of painful, lonely, discouraging, wilderness-like waiting. Waiting to actually like our lives. Waiting for the men we love to come back to us. Waiting for some hope while clinging to Jesus, our life preserver on this… Continue reading Waiting on God? Read This

Forgive and do not judge
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Hurt by Someone & Can’t Let Go? Read This

When I was in fifth grade, a new girl came to my school - and everything changed. All of a sudden, my ENTIRE group of friends had ditched me. She thought I was weird, and convinced them to choose: me, or her. She won, and I was devastated. They would fill up the lunch table… Continue reading Hurt by Someone & Can’t Let Go? Read This

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Heartbroken or Don’t Believe in Love? Read This

If you or someone you know is struggling with getting over one of these soul-crushing breakups, or feels they can never find true love after being used or losing The One, please keep reading. If God can heal my broken heart, He can heal yours. It does get better. I promise.

Coping Skills to Help You Deal with Depression & Anxiety
Depression & Anxiety

25 Coping Skills to Help You Deal with Depression & Anxiety

I've been diagnosed with anxiety once and depression twice in my life. I know what they feel like, and I understand how debilitating they can be. When you get them for the first time, you have no idea how to deal with the extreme low low lows and the paranoia that keeps your heart and mind… Continue reading 25 Coping Skills to Help You Deal with Depression & Anxiety