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Crisis of Faith? Read This

I have a confession to make. For a couple of months now, I've been really angry at God. So angry that I often can't even bring myself to pray. Sometimes I struggle to believe He's there, He's listening, He cares. Why am I so angry, you might ask? Well, let's just say that something I… Continue reading Crisis of Faith? Read This

Forgive and do not judge
Forgiveness, Relationships

Hurt by Someone & Can’t Let Go? Read This

When I was in fifth grade, a new girl came to my school - and everything changed. All of a sudden, my ENTIRE group of friends had ditched me. She thought I was weird, and convinced them to choose: me, or her. She won, and I was devastated. They would fill up the lunch table… Continue reading Hurt by Someone & Can’t Let Go? Read This